Demit Facade – highly aesthetic and energy efficient

Did you know that as much as 30% of heat energy is lost through the outer walls? Well, it’s a practical fulfillment of our parents’ fear that we’re heating up the street!

Joke aside, we need to start planning in the long run and consider the facade that is key to conserving thermal energy. And that means lower electricity bills!

There are several types of facades and insulation. But the most popular is the so-called DEMIT facade or contact facade because it can save you up to 60% energy.

The function of the facade itself is thermal and sound insulation, although sometimes the aesthetic function is preserved to the detriment of the practical. The facade of the building must withstand all weather conditions, high and low temperatures, rain, snow, strong winds.

Demit facade is a system that is placed directly on the outer wall of the building.

The process of installing a demit facade is achieved through expanded polystyrene, reinforced mesh, facade adhesives and anchors. Finally, a layer of decorative textured plaster (abrib) is applied, which consists of silicate material. The thermal facade can be placed on all surfaces.

Elena Luka Engineering takes care of all aspects of life, and pays special attention to the materials it uses. Energy saving means preserving the environment, so the demit facade is implemented in all our facilities