Laying the cornerstone of a residential building “Connect 5”

Yesterday was laid the cornerstone of the residential building “Connect 5” in Aerodrom – the settlement that is a fusion of history and future, of old and new Skopje, of tradition and architecture, with an open panorama of the metropolis and the only place for life that fantasy turns in reality.

We talked to the general manager and owner of the company Elena Pandeva about what customers can expect from “Connect 5” in relation to other facilities.

“We continue with the quality, which we imposed with the previous buildings, but of course, improved and modernized both in terms of materials and in terms of performance. We use first-class materials at all levels, we follow the current trends in the construction world, in order to offer the best to our customers, ” said Pandeva.

The ceremony was attended by some of the future tenants of the building, who did not hide their satisfaction with the work started.

“I am so happy today. I see a lot of smiling faces. We celebrated the start of the third facility in the traditional way, with all the honors. “It’s wonderful when you give and receive love, and I’m honored that these people have given it into our hands.” – said Elena.

She added that despite the completion of the story of the settlement Aerodrom, the company continues its work in several attractive locations in Kisela Voda, Karpos and Crniche.

“Each of our buildings has its own character, so we want to satisfy the tastes and needs of different people,” – added the owner.