Placement of the foundation in record 24 hours

Our workers worked hard all day and we laid the foundation stone of the new Business Homes residential and business building in a record 24 hours, including the final finish.

In the foundation slab of this building in Aerodrom, 2,325 m³ of waterproof concrete MB 30 and 195 tons of concrete iron-ribbed reinforcement RA 400/500 – 2 were installed.

Many highly skilled people proven in their field are participating in the construction of this facility, certainly, under the guidance of Elena Pandeva – General Manager of Elena Luka Engineering, who is already a proven person with exceptional aesthetics and a lover of high-quality materials.

Business Homes residential building located just 7 minutes from Macedonia Square, with a recognizable and enriched industrial design typical of the world’s most famous metropolises will be a real sensation for citizens who primarily want quality collective housing, as well as functional open spaces for running successful businesses.