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Construction Works

Elena Luka Engineering offers all types of construction services for high quality realization of your project.

Construction of water supply and sewerage of the facility, installation of sanitation, and toiletries

We perform everything related to plastering, landscaping, and painting

Construction of all kinds of facades to create a comfortable microclimate in the living space

Excavation and drainage of land, filling, and sprinkling with the earth

Installation of foundation reinforcement (reinforced construction iron)

Work related to roof construction

Works related to the construction of various types of wooden constructions, scaffolding, or parts of the construction that are installed in the construction object as an element of the auxiliary constructions or as a finished product

All works connected to concrete

Making of the cement screed or screed that is applied to the load-bearing floor structure, as well as to the separating and insulating layer

Installation of all kinds of floors – wooden, ceramic, porcelain, etc

Installation of all things the dry construction system includes like plaster boards, partitions, monolithic ceilings, fire protection systems, acoustic sound insulation solutions, harmful radiation protection systems, and the like

High and low voltage installations

Installation of PVC windows, doors, and other things


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